epiph·a·ny - noun \i-ˈpi-fə-nē\ - a moment of sudden revelation or insight.

Regenerative Living;

Unlocking health of the mind, body, spirit and environment through education, awareness and action.

Welcome to Lifes-Epiphany!

We are a business dedicated to building a more sustainable world through regenerating community and ecosystems.

Continually adding to and improving upon our website, we invite and encourage you to use it as a tool to learn about creating a healthier body, lifestyle, and environment.

Our services, Holistic Health and Land Care, work to take action within the local South Coast, MA community as well globally through use of technology.

Many of our human practices have created a situation of degradation over time. Be it the loss of topsoil due to erosion, pollution of air and water, dependance on foreign resources, most of our human practices have reached a point where the state of sustainability [the ability to continue a defined behavior indefinitely] itself is insufficient to reverse certain negative impacts we have imposed upon our environment.  

We believe that by adding in regenerative living practices and mindsets to our communities we, as a Keystone Species, can actually improve the environment around and within us to reach a point in which we can live sustainably. 

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountains (18,300+ft)

Looking on from Hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge

Yunnan Province, China

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Our 5 Year Goal

We are creating a proposal and have started a design for a Therapeutic Retreat Center.  Working in a partnership we hope to regenerate the ecological health of a large piece of property, creating a Food Forest as well as maintaining the 'wildness' of the land.  This land will then act as a catalyst to help create connection between individuals, their health and nature.  Using education, creating awareness, and following through with action, based off of our health coaching programs this retreat center will help people improve their current physical and mental health and build healthy future habits.

This type of center is vital to the future of our health care system, economies, and environment.  A community immersed in this property will develop this system and openly and transparently share our ideas, experimentation, and model in order to spread a ripple effect of human health and it's connection to our surrounding ecology.  Focused on using hands on education to empower individuals to gain health, grow their own food, and tackle situations of food deserts, food insecurity.

Please contact us with any ideas, connections, or possibilities to help make this happen.  We are openly in need of help; land, resources and a community of people ready to act on our future!  Let the epiphany's roll...

Epiphany Film Festival

Dr. Elaine Ingham is an energetic, easy-to-understand speaker who explains what life in the soil is all about. Behind this "user-friendly" approach lies a wealth of knowledge gained from years of intensive research into the organisms which make up the soil food web. Elaine not only understands the soil food web, she has knowledge on how to ensure a healthy food web to promote plant growth and reduce reliance on inorganic chemicals. http://www.soilfoodweb.com interview by http://grassrootsgaia.org and http://Permaculture.TV Interview by Kirstie Stramler of www.Permaculture.TV and www.grassrootsgaia.org

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